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Monday, May 30, 2011

ode to my car

For the longest time me and my wife went without owning a Car, We know once we had my daughter that we needed are own set of wheels. I don't drive I don't even have my license, Yes I know 23yr old who can't drive HAHA!

Anyways back to the story at hand. We found a deal on a 94' Honda Accord. We went and checked it out it was in working condition so we bought it from this guy for $700 and all we had to do was put a new windshield in.

We had the Car and we where pumped then all the problem that come along with buying used started to happen we started leaking oil, Gas was leaking, Really loud. We got some stuff fixed but we don't really want to put lots of money into a car that is going to die on us soon. It works it got us from point A to point B with little to no SMOKE. We have taken it on some really long trips and the car has served us well.

Now that we are visiting my mother in law for the summer, A long ways away from home the car has decided it's not going to start, (It might be the Ful Pump) cause it's not getting gas. So now we are stuck with no vehicle and really no plans to fix it cause we know it is just going to break down again.

So I guess we are going to need to be looking at some new wheel in the next couple of months before September starts and I go back to work and my wife goes back to school.

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  1. Im looking for a car atm, it would be my first and I wouldnt want to go through those problems it has. Ill just keep saving up and buy from car max or something.