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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

80's Horror

I have to laugh when I look back at the Horror movie that where made back in the 80's. Filmmakers tried using every possible thing/object and turn in into something scary. I once seen a preview for a Horror movie about a bed that killed people. A bed!, come on people a BED you got to be kidding me. Before I go knocking 80's Horror there are classic Films like Nightmare on Elm street and Friday the 13th, Chucky, LeatherFace, Hellraiser but there are shit films. The first one that comes to mind is this one about a this dude that has his twin brother cut of the side of his body and keeps him in a basket and he kills people for his brother to eat or something like that. Weird I know I seen the trailer and it had a bit of humor and horror. The worst of it is that it spawned to more films and BASKETCASE 3 is the worst of all

There are others that are just as bad, Take STREET TRASH for instants is about this liqur store owner who finds a case of Booze called Viper behind a wall in his store from years and years ago and he sells it to his Hobo customers for $1 , When they drink it it turns there body's into melting ooze that's blue and green and a bunch of other colors it's so gross. You wonder how company's got the money to make such pieces of shit

These 80s Horror films are the types of movies Hollywood should be doing remakes of. Take shit movies and make then better instead of taking good films and making them crapper.


  1. I agree with the last sentence. I think that the Mortal Kombat series for example could be remade, it has tons of potential

  2. Thing is, people will be saying the same thing about today's films in 20 years time!!! Probably??