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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Evil Dead Remake

An Evil Dead remake in the works

The fairly unknown director Federico Alvarez revealed quite a lot as to where the film was heading and what to expect.  He told a news outlet ”We realize the mistakes not to make. As a fan, he know that he shouldn’t mess with certain elements of the original. And that the movie could not be done ONLY for the fans.

Regarding casting for the film Alvarez states; “..nobody wants to see a celebrity in a remake like this,” He goes on to say that the only recognisable face in the film will be Bruce Campbell, but, it will be a cameo towards the end.

Alvarez’s opportunity came this past February when he presented Sam Raimi with a script which detailed a remake of The Evil Dead, a film that focused more on terrorizing than on humor and with noticeable digital effects. Alvarez mentions that shooting will take place later this year.

  I myself would really like to see Rob Zombie behind the Camera directing

 I feel like he would do an awesome job taking something that was already scary to a whole new level of Horror.


  1. Interesting!! I loved the original when it came out, it frightened the life out of me! I'd probably laugh watching it now. With the better special effects nowadays it could be a very good film.

  2. Whhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! I know Evil Dead was supposed to be scary, but come on, seeing Bruce Campbell get hit in the face with a flood of blood from a broken pipe...I don't know man. It's unnecessary to remake this, like the remake of nightmare on elm street, what a load of crap.

  3. Y'know I don't think I have managed to see the original in its entirety.