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Saturday, July 9, 2011

No Pike only Musk Rats

I just spent two days fishing with my buddy Brodie out in Nipigon,Ontario Canada. We had a blast fishing. I'm not the greatest at it but Brodie is a pro.

Anyways the story I have to tell is Funny/Sad if your an animal lover. It's about 11 o clock at night it dark out we can only see the water so we are still fishing away trying to catch

a Big Pike (Catch and Release)

Right before we are about to pack up, We see some movement in the water Brodie right way "That's a Fish" he cast out pulls back and gets a hold of it. We get it to shore its dark, like really Dark all we can tell is it's not a PIKE but a rodent of some kind. 

We start walking this mystery creature out towards the light, He thought it was an otter or maybe a beaver I thought it was a possum. The whole time we are going towards the light this thing that is hooked is trying to attack my friend and of course I'm laughing my fucking ass off! We finnally reach the light to found out we caught a fucking...


He is not hurt just the side of his leg is caught in my buddy's hook, We dont want to get bite cause who knows what this thing has. We empty his tackle duffel bag and take turns trying to pin it down just long enough to get the hook out.

What a challenge. The Must Rat finally got himself lose from the Hook and darted off into the trees by the lake. I was still laughing we both where. How does that happen?

That is the most/funniest fucking thing that I have ever been involved in.

Fucking Brodie!


  1. I would have cut the line and let it go with that

  2. Musk Rat, eh - never even seen one of those

  3. I thought you typed "fisting" and had to re-read the intro after I stopped laughing. ha