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Monday, September 19, 2011

Car Trouble

So my car I talked about a while back is finally on it's last wounded leg, It's leaking worse then a elderly man with a weak bladder. You should see my parking spot. We have no more long trips on the Beast thats for sure.

My rad leaks do to a long crack.  This is a real photo I submitted Duck tape does not work it just melts, But if you buy TuckTape and put it on when it's hot then your good to go.

The wife and I are going out to see about leasing or buying a new vehicle


  1. melting the duct tape to form a seal. haha, ingenious! Hope it gets you another month or so out of the thing! I heard of people in souther Africa doing a similar thing with green bananas, apparently the sap in them melts and forms a seal just like your duct tape. haha fun!

  2. Green bananas? That sounds unhygienic.