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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Andrea Yates : Child Killer

It was 2001, around 10:00am in Texas. While most mothers would be taking their young ones to daycare or preparing fun activities for the kids, Andrea Yates was making a calm call to her husband. She told her husband, “you need to come home.”

Her frantic husband rushed to their Houston, Texas home to find police officers and ambulances on the scene. His wife had also called 911. She let them in the house and calmly told them that she had killed her five kids.

She had drowned them in a bathtub. Four corpses, including her youngest, were laid out on the double bed in the master bedroom, each one with eyes still open, fully clothed and soaking wet.
In the bathtub was her eldest, submerged in the murky water filled with feces and vomit, already dead.

Andrea Yates was suffering from postpartum depression during the time of the killings.

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