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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Any Recommendations?

I posted yesterday morning that I wanted to know how to get more followers to my blog, The answer I got back was "Follow more people and they will follow you back"

If that is indeed the case I dont want to follow a bunch of Boring blogs just to get them to read mine. So I'm asking you guys/gals to give me some recommendations of Blogs I should check out and if I like all follow and hopefully they will return the favor and follow back.



  1. Well the blogs of note are a nice place to start sometimes. Else just, you know, surf I guess?

  2. a bunch of the blogs I follow aren't exactly boring...they are pretty entertaining! just look at my list of followers!

    Also you can go to any blog and using that thing on the top press next blog and it will randomly go to another blog!

  3. my blog rules pretty hard IMO. haha.

    Earth Girls Are Easy! Damn I love how horribly awesome that film is. My girlfriend walks around saying "BFD" just like those annoying valley girls do in the movie. end rant.

  4. Aw, I thought this was gonna be about earth girls are easy. Don't have any recommendations, I mean, don't look at mine or anything, it's pretty boring. The movie is so bad it's good though, that's all.