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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Man Caught Hiding In Porta-Potty!

Maybe he was just playing Hide & Seek and got REALLY into it

This is actually incredibly disturbing and disgusting! During the Hanuman Yoga Festival in Boulder Colorado, Awoman went to use a portable toilet and found a man hiding in the waste tank below! YUCK! The poor, innocent woman thought maybe someone was stuck so she called over security, but then the man locked himself inside for several minutes until he opened the door and bolted….....

While covered in Feces!
Police are currently on the search for the man, who will be charged with "criminal attempt to make unlawful sexual contact" when and if he's found.   
According to witnesses, he MAY go by the name Sky, and he's been described in the following way:
"About 20 years old, 6ft 4ins to 6ft 8ins tall, thin build, with short dark hair and wearing dark grey sweatpants and no shirt or shoes."
What a gross True Story, That lady must be glad the man didn't lay a Stink finger on her. All she wanted to do was use the bathroom!