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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Men Behaving Badly : Season 2 Review

Ron Eldard "KEVIN" & Justine Bateman "SARAH" were replaced by Ken Marino "STEVE" and Jenica Bergere "KATIE" in the second season, Also Rob Schneider went from being the wacky roommate of the main character he played in the First Season to being The Wacky Main Character in the Second.

The show was canceled part-way into the second season, That I don't understand because I found it to be really funny. This is the BEST of Schneiders his singing makes me bust a gut, also how perverted he is. He is always stealing panties from "BRENDA" the chick across the hall and sneaking around in her apartment.

Season 2 has 13 episodes that were completed although only 6 aired during the initial run because of low ratings. If you ever come across this on DVD pick it up. I watched all of Season 2 today.


  1. Will try and pick it up but I believe it will be difficult.

  2. I added it to my netflix que ;)

  3. Schneider funny? That might be worth checking it out lol