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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vivid Dreams #1

I usually don't dream. My wife says I'm a Bullshitter when I say that I don't but its true, I mean I must dream I just dont remember them. So what I'm going to do for now on when I have a Dream that is Vivid I'm going to get it written down......

For my birthday my wife got me tickets to go to a Film convention, So I took a plane from my mom town here in CANADA to California. I was meeting all sorts of Celebrity I even got a Picture with Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamel together, I was so excited because Im a Huge STAR WARS fan, but then something happened my camera broke well it didn't brake but the battery's where dieing and it did not have enough power to take a photo. It really pissed me off because I could not find battery's anywhere and I was meeting some many Celebrity's that I could have been getting photos with I was bummed.

So I was just hanging out near this trailer smoking and along came Ed O'Neill best known for his role as Al Bundy in Married with Children he ask me for a lite and lit up a Phat joint, We just sat back and watched all these fans Geek out over Celebrity's and he asked me why I was so down, "I'm one of those Geeks my camera is broke and even if I meet them no one will believe me" He passed the joint back to me grabbed my Camera pulled the battery's out put them back in and took a Picture of us High as a kite then the Camera Died. "Well, I got to get back to signing seasons of Modern Family all see yeah later. 

I was happy that I had got two cool celebrity photos but I still wanted this camera to work cause I still had three more days here. So I was walking and trying different things and I slammed right into Ryan Reynolds getting out of his trailer. I dropped my Camera and it smashed. I was able to get the memory card that was in it so I didn't lose the few photos I did have. He looked down at me trying to pick up what was left of my Camera. "Dude don't worry about it come with me" he said. We went into his trailer he opened a Dresser drawer  and tossed me a Huge pack of AA Battery's and a Gun. It was not really a gun it was a camera that just looked like a gun I popped my memory card in loaded up on battery's "Thanks" and  I was off again to shoot the rich and the famous so to speak.

It was so weird, It's the most Vivid Dream I have ever had beside for the Teenage Triple XXX dreams of my youth.


  1. Hmmm!! You best keep off the tablets!!

  2. LOL , that is the kind of dream I have when right befoere bed time I have eaten a whole XX Large Pizza with a half a bottle of hot sauce. Your crazy dude. or maybe just subconcious is crazy and your sain durning daylight hours because of it.