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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Canadian LumberJack

I'm so sore :S

This morning at 5:30 in the am I ventured into the wilderness to Buck Up some Fire wood to get ready for the winter. It would have been alright if I was in shape, But I'm Fat All I really wanted was to hold a Chainsaw and feel like this guy......

I sweat my ass off pulling logs and cutting them up but it was a good workout and I had a good time doing it. I even seen a Mama Bear and her Cub running on the Dirt road it was so cute. The only thing I hated was that The blackflys where fucking insane. Word to the wise if your going into the forest don't use this shit. "DEEP WOOD's OFF" all It did was just drew them to me, I was swiping them away from my Face and Eyeballs for the last hour or so we where out there. While I was cutting wood and loading it in the trailer all I could was keep singing "Canadian LumberJack" by Stompin Tom Conners in my Head.

All I want to do now is Sleep, My body is Wiped!

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