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Thursday, March 17, 2011

"All get a Coke" ..... "Is Pepsi Ok?" NO!!!!!!!!!

 I mean don't wrong Pepsi is good I'm just a Coke guy, My biggest pet peeve is when you go to a restaurant you sit down your waitress/waiter comes over and says "Can I take your drink orders?" I already know what I want so I say "Yes, all have a Coke" then there's always a Weird pause then my most hated phrase is  uttered "Is Pepsi OK?" just image that being said in Slow mo it makes it so much more dramatic. I just wanna jump on the Table and yell "No!" at the top of my lung but I never do I just say "Yes" with a BIG sad face attached to the end of it. What kills me even more is Corner Stores that strictly deal with Pepsi only. So you run into the store to maybe just grab a can or a 2L you start looking around and realize "This place don't have no Coke" then you get stuck with Pepsi. Like I said at the Beginning Pepsi is ok I just like myself a nice cold COCA-COLA. 
If any of you follow me on Twitter (@Classic_George) you will know that I'm a huge fan of Vanilla Coke, Yes some of you are going "Why? that was a Shit Drink" and for those who are thinking that go eat some shit!. I loved it but it was never that popular in CANADA so it is no longer available in Stores. But you can get it if you live in the U.S of A. I have tweeted to Coke my interest in getting it brought back but the future does not look great for the beverage here in Canada..... Eh.
I don't know if I'm the only one who had one of these and actually used it but do you guys remember the Coke Cards? You would use them when buying Coke products to get a discount or something I can't remember but I know I thought they where so cool.

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  1. Oh man I love Vanilla Coke, but it's kind of hard to find even here in the US.
    You can still get it, but most stores don't have it.