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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Galaxy Cinemas @ Brockville...I got a Bone to pick with You!

I have a major bone to pick with the Galaxy cinema in Brockville,Ontario Canada. When I moved here I was excited to see that the city was not as small as I thought it was and that it had everything MacDonalds, Wal-mart and a Galaxy Cinema.
I'm a scene card member. Whats that means for people who don't know? It means that every time I use my Debit card I get points & once I have ranked up 1,000 points I get a FREE movie. Bonus! So I started seeing movies on the regular, They only have one 3D screen and that's OK because I understand that they might be a Galaxy, but there still a small theater. Anyways I seen a few 3D films and Halloween was coming up and Saw3D was coming out I was jacked, I'm a huge Saw fan and to see it in 3D was going to be Epic. I get there, walk to the counter and say "All have one for SAW" the lady looks at me and says "Sorry SAW is not in 3D because Jackass is taking up the 3D screen" it was a little downer but it was OK. I went and saw SAW in 2D and it was just as good. Then it went down hill from then on. I seen a trailer for Drive Angry starring Nicolas cage and I was more then Excited being a Cage fan, So I kept looking at the online schedule and it was not appearing to be coming the day that it was set to be released in theater. The only movie that was playing in 3D was Justin Bieber : Never Say Never. BARF! I didn't think anything of it, I just thought Bieber is a money maker Drive angry will come shorty after.....I was wrong Bieber played here in Brockville for over a month, Not only did it play for a month but in Two differnet versions it played. It really pissed me off that I never got to see Drive Angry in 3D.

After that whole missing out on the Cage film I was jacked to hear that there would be a new movie coming out called SANCTUM and it was Shot in 3D, As you can tell by Now I'm a huge Fan of 3D it just adds a little something to going to the movies. So I seen the trailers online and T.V & I was ready to go cave diving along side these guys. But of course it never came to the Brockville Theater and this time I don't understand why because there where no other 3D films playing at the time. I feel like they need to really get there shit together there. People may say "Well there only a small theater with 6 screens they can't possibly play every movie coming out this year" They are sort of right but at the same time there not, Even if they just played it for a Week then moved on that would be ok ,but not showing the film at all that's a bunch of BullSh!t

It was my birthday yesterday and I really wanted to go and see PAUL starring Seth Rogen and the Dudes from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. So I got the the Galaxy Cinemas @ Brockville Web page to see what time it was playing and I was not surprise to see that its not playing. I looked through the schedule for the upcoming days and still no PAUL. What is going on there? I Tweeted PAUL and here is what he had to say about the whole mess.

PAUL: Sort it people or I will be paying you a visit & it will be #ProbinTime!


  1. I think it's time to find another cinema!! Justin Bieber rocks!!...........only joking!!

  2. The closest theater to me is in Ottawa or Kingston both are an hour away