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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Drop Dead Brand"

That is what he had to say about his up coming project "DROP DEAD FRED" the remake of the 1991 comedy starring Phoebe Cates  about young woman who finds her already unstable life rocked by the presence of a rambunctious imaginary friend from her childhood. I think that Russell was and is the best choice I'm not a Huge fan of remakes as you can tell from one of my older blog posts but seeing the preview for his Remake of Arthur and the great job he did in Get Him To The Greek he is perfect for the role of the Off the wall FRED character. If this was remade when Martin Short was in his prime he would also be a great pick for that Character. When the Original was released in theaters back in 91' it grossed $13,878,334 at the Box Office. I know for a fact with Brand behind the wheel of the remake this film is sure to be a Blockbuster. If your a fan of Brand like me you need to pick up "My Booky Wook" it lets you into a whole new side of the comic genius that you did not even know was there. Brand also has a Children's film coming out where he plays an Easter bunny who poops jelly beans and just wants a shot to show of his Drumming skills on Americans got talent. "HOP" is in theaters April 1st 


  1. Oh! I was just about to come and tell how it works but you found it on your own. Great blog! I'm following! :)

  2. A nice Easter movie coming up. Nice. And I need to get a copy of Brand's book. Amazing comic.