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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nintendo Kid

I don't remember the day or how old I was when I first placed my hand on the controller for what I thought was the coolest thing since sliced bread but once I had it in hand I never put it down and became a gamer. Some of my favorite games for the NES where Castlevania, The Adventures of Link, Bubble Bubble and of course the Mario games. I was always a Fan of Super Mario 2. It was totally different from 1 and 3 maybe that's why I liked it so much. Between me and you I always used Peach because she could do that flying hover thing. I still own an NES  it is even in the Box it came with when it was bought in store instructions and all.

Growing up I never had lots of $$$ so I was stuck with the NES for a longtime. finally I got an Super NES I was once again blow away. In my eyes Nintendo kicked ass and Sonic could blow a goat for all I cared. I remember sitting in front of my T.V for days playing Super Mario World and every time I got hit and lost my Yoshi I would be so pissed and stomp like a little baby. I'm not into RPG games much I find that to be a GEEK thing but one of my friend show me Super Mario RPG and I was in Heaven I would have to say I beat that game more then a dozen times. There where other games to that I liked for example Clay Fighters,Donkey Kong Country , Mortal Kombat and there was this Power Rangers game that my cousin had that I loved too.

Then came the N64 is was almost like a gift from the Nintendo gods, The first game I ever played for it was Wave Race and I had no idea what I was doing the controller was new to me and I found it hard to use it took me some time to get the hang of  it. I liked Mario Party but I never like the Mario World on the 64. One game I did like was Wrestlemania 2000 me and my friend Justin would play that for hour kicking ass and taking names. I liked to make wrestlers I would spend for ever doing that. If I was not choke slamming someone or driving a sea-doo I was James Bond and killing peeps with the Golden Gun. Golden Eye is one of the best N64 games to ever be made for a home console.

The GameCube came and went, I never own one but I do own Two games which I can play with my Wii. The games are cheap so I look for cool ones and try and snag them for the Wii. But as the years passed I just stuck to played the 64 waiting for the next great thing from Nintendo....

Then the Wii arrived I was much older by this time and did not have a parent to buy it for me so I did not get it for the longest time. But a few Christmases ago my lovely wife Laura  got it for me. It was as if I had all the old systems packed into this new one and I did not need to worry about cords or anything it was so sleek not only that games such as Mario Kart let me play online with people all over the world it gave me a challenge. I also like the cheap no guitar needed game called Ultimate Band it's a Disney game and the New Super Mario Bros, I like that you can play 2-4 players at the same time but it's so hard when everyone is going & doing the same thing as you. You can also use the internet and download classic games from Sega and NES to your system. I like the Wii Sports  it very simple but very fun. I'm just waiting to see what Nintendo puts out next.


  1. What about the cube? I never got that console

  2. There was a Soviet NES copy popular in Poland back in the days. It was called Pegasus and every kid wanted to have it. Mario was what we were playing with friends for hours.

  3. Nintendo has the best trademark characters of all time. Link, Mario, Metroid, Donkey, etc. I think that's why Nintendo has survived this long :D

  4. I did not care for the Cube so it totally slipped my mind when i was writing this blog, thanks Stare Dad it is now inserted above

  5. i was a nintendo kid till the n64
    3d my ass