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Thursday, March 24, 2011

CHUCKY : Reboot of the Franchise

According to MGM sources the remake of the original CHILD'S PLAY which has been rumored since 2007 is finally going to happen. Writer Don Mancini, who has written all the "Chucky" films has already penned the script. The hold up was due to MGM the owner of the original film and Universal Pictures who owns the sequels not being able to hash out a deal on who would own the rights to the remake. That apparently has been hashed out because we are hearing that the film, who will star the legendary Brad Dourif as the voice of CHUCKY the doll, The film will begin production sometime later this year with MGM being in the driver seat.

The film will be titled CHILD'S PLAY and although many have speculated that it will indeed be a remake it is being talked about more as a reboot of the franchise. This will not be a shot for shot remake of the original film according to Don Mancini. This will however be a darker and more sinister film like the original was. Don't' expect Tiffany and Glen or that over the top comedic nature to be present in this film.


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