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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vintage Cartoons

A friend of mine just posted a Super old but Super cool Classic Cartoon on Facebook and it totally took me back to being a kid. Here is the Vintage Toon she posted.

It not only made me smile but it got me thinking about other Older cartoons I watched when I was young. So I went to the place you go when you need to find a video of just about anything...Youtube and here are some that I found that I had thought where lost forever.

I also came across JERKY TURKEY. It was and still is one of my Favorite Holiday themed Cartoons. I feel bad for kids theses days, They will never get to experience real Toons, all there going to get from this day on is 3D and CGI.

I also liked this one particular CASPER cartoon and of course Youtube had it

 I could sit here all day and keep posting Classic's to this Blog entry but I'm not going to but what I am going to do is leave you with one more Jewel from my good Friend Felix the cat. 

If there's a Classic from your childhood you want me to check out just leave a link or Title of it in the comment section.


  1. Felix the cat has to be my favorite vintage cartoon :D

  2. great trip down the memory lane