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Friday, March 25, 2011

Cleansing your T.V set & Wii Tennis

I bought a 47' flat screen a while back and was so happy to be rid of my large beast of a T.v I had before. I loved it but it did not take long for my daughter to start touching it with her dirty hands and sticky play dough to the screen. I went out and bought an inexpensive cleaning kit but it just made the screen look worse. I tried using a baby wipe and a soft cloth to buff it with after the screen was washed and it seemed to work well, But I wanted to know is there some product I can buy that will bring the Screen back to the way it was when I first got it.

Also on a little side note my right arm is just killing me from playing Wii Sports Tennis, I'm really getting into it hardcore. It's so bad that I had to put my safety strap back on because my swings where getting way to aggressive & I was scared that my hand would get sweaty and my remote would slip out and fly right out of my hand & straight into my 47' flatscreen. I would hate to end up like this guy.....


  1. Well to clean my monitor I just use a Microfiber cloth with glasses fluid and it works pretty well.

    Wii can be very dangerous lol. One time I was playing wii with a couple of friends and my friend's wii controller flew out of his hand. It hit the ceiling fan light and his mom wasn't very happy lol

  2. why i always use the strap. when i play my girlfriend's 12 year old daughter i get super competitive.

  3. i bricked my wii some months ago

  4. This blog is so awesome. Nostalgia...

    'Bout the Wii: use the strap every time. You wouldn't like to destroy anything.