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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No more Parenthood?

My wife and I are more into Reality Tv then we are Scripted tv programs like THE Big Bang Theory or LOST but there are the few out there that get us hooked. The ones that end up getting us hooked are the ones that get canceled prematurely. The program I speak off is Parenthood we started watching it after The Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights and we where really enjoying it. Then it just stopped. We thought "Hey what the hell?" so we goggled it to see if maybe the season was over and wanted to see when season 2 would be starting up again. What we found out was that the season we where watching was Season 2. We got into the show a season late so that's cool we now can watch season 1 of Parenthood while we wait for Season 3 to start. The thing is there will be no season 3 it's not being renewed. That's Bull-Shit why do they do this to shows we love. It happened with SWINGTOWN as well we watched the first season loved it bought it on DVD then found out there would be no season 2. I think this is one reason why we watch Reality Tv more because we know it's a sure thing. They said Parent Hood was not getting good ratings because everyone was watching the EVENT. You know what F**k the Event. Parenthood is a great show and it should still be on Tv and not in rerun form. All I have to say is when your going to give a show the boot at least give the viewers some insight into whats happening so we are not left in the dark. They had better no Cancel BREAKING BAD or THE WALKING DEAD or I'm going to kill me some Television network Executives.

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  1. More stuff I wish I could get in the UK. Without a TV. Looks really cool!